The Car Law Firm is an association between independent law firms and attorneys all across California and Texas that focuses mainly or solely on dealer fraudulent activities. These independent law firms and attorneys provide specific relief to all consumers who have been defrauded by false and misleading (and illegal) behavior. These attorneys have the necessary expertise, the requisite associations, and the large capital necessary to take your case on a “contingent basis” all the way from filing lawsuit through trial, to get the desired outcome. These attorneys are NOT afraid to take your case to trial and look forward to the opportunity. To date, they have helped thousands and thousands of defrauded consumers.

These firms are at the forefront of efficiency, technology, and connectivity with their clients. They utilise the most efficient systems to bring your matter to a resolution as quickly as possible, and collaborate with you to ensure proper handling of your case. They understand that time is money, and have specific procedures set in place to ensure the rapid movement of your case.